Work at Flowfirm

Flowfirm is a value based company. We aim to work in a consistent and recognizable way in the interest of both our clients and our staff members.

Positive work atmosphere
We stimulate development and performance, both in-house and among partners. We enjoy seeing others benefit and grow as a result of our work. Together, we create an open culture in which hierarchy is not important. For us, staff satisfiction is of equal importance as client satisfaction. In short: together we contribute to a positive work atmosphere and together we meet client expectations.

Hands-on mentality
We are dedicated, flexible and transparent. Our lines of communication are always open and we stand by explicit expectation management: we say what we do and we do what we say. We value an independent approach to our work: we dare to take a bold stance towards our clients if so required for the sake of the quality of our work (client-driven but not subservient). We are practically oriented, operate in a straightforward fashion and always prefer simplicity in the way we work. We act immediately and do not like to leave matters unclear. We will not just watch or place matters in the hands of others. We make sure the job is getting done. We make sure the job is done as agreed. As they say: “you can’t milk a cow with your hands in your pants.”

Open applications
We are always looking for talent and good ideas. With pleasure, we give talented youngsters every opportunity to show and develop their skills.
Feel free to send your application to referring to “working for Flowfirm”.