About Flowfirm

About Flowfirm
Flowfirm consists of a young and talented staff of 120 members who mainly operate on site throughout the Netherlands. We are bound by a passion for technology and a commitment to progress and development, as part of a solution oriented, can-do work philosophy. 

What we do
Flowfirm constructs mechanical installations for the food, dairy and beverage industry. We perform detail engineering, project management, system implementation and (daily) maintenance. Flowfirm is a dedicated specialist with a lot of experience in the business and vast knowledge of engineering processes, industry standardisations and client profiles. When it comes to the quality of our work, we always intend to excel and keep our promises.

Vision and mission
By offering maximum added value (ensuring food quality and process continuity)in detail engineering, project management andsystem implementation, we have proven to be the most valuable partner for our clients. Based on our state of the art expertise, future-oriented solutions and positive, can-do work mentality, we seek to build confidence, earn respect and achieve a 100% satisfaction rate, both among our clients and our staff. It is our firm belief that working this way is a solid basis for long-lasting relationships.

Corporate responsibility
When serving our clients, Flowfirm aims to accomplish maximum food safety and minimal damage to the environment every day. We contribute actively to a better environment by making water-saving, optimalisation of energy consumption and heat recovery integral part of our projects. In short: we find it our responsibility to jointly contribute to sustainable development. Our internal processes are also directed at sustainability. We believe in setting a good example, as corporate responsibility starts from within.



An integrated approach. All aspects under control.
The different processes in your production enterprise are increasingly interconnected – from the storage of ingredients to the packing of the finished product. To prevent each new optimalisation causing complications elsewhere in the production process, we apply an integrated strategy. Achieve optimum results with our unique approach: the Optimum PRO6® Method.

Flowfirm designs and builds.
Our organisation serves you from two divisions. Flowfirm Process Solutions takes care of the consulting, engineering, design, commissioning and project management for building and installing or modifying process systems. Flowfirm Process Installations specialises in delivery, fitting and project management during the installation, service and maintenance of complete production lines – for both standard solutions as well as those designed specifically for your production process. 

Meet Flowfirm.
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