Process Solutions

Integrated design and thinking

Flowfirm Process Solutions is a process specialist in the food & beverage industry. From the analyses of your wishes and requirements, up to service and maintenance of the completed production line. We consider the highest norms and we bring your challenges and aspirations at 6 process dimensions together in one integral solution which enables you to boost your production performances  and to improve the return. 

Flowfirm Process Solutions covers the whole field from consulting, engineering, design (2D and 3D), project management, delivery, installation up to commissioning. Whether it's an adaptation of a production plant or a new production line. For electrical works and automation, we work with our partners or with your preferred supplier.

From concept to completion, at each stage of your project Firm Flow Process Solutions can mean something to you.

1) In the initial phase, we support you in process technology and engineering based on our extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

2) In the development phase, we help you to create SMART goals and perform the technical and financial feasibility, which shows the feasibility.

3) In the application phase, we help you to create the technical and commercial specifications on the basis of which suppliers can  be invited for quotations. These quotations can be used for your  investment approval process. Of course we are also interested to deliver you a quotation.

4) In the implementation phase of the project we can deliver the complete process line or modification, installation and commissioning. During this phase we can execute amongst others the project management and validation process.


Integrated approach:

You present us your challenge, problem or issue. Considering your needs, we will find the solution you're looking for, where necessary or desired in a joint development project. We gladly like to advise you to solve your question, but also like to perform the necessary pre- and/or detail engineering, up to supplying the complete solution.

This integrated approach comes down to the development and implementation of new technologies or improvements take into account the six measurable variables that define the overall production performance: Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Capacity, Sustainability and Maintenance. All of these variables are related. The trick is to align them, by which the optimum result is achieved. With the Optimum PRO6® method we ensure that you are constantly aware of all the facets so that you can consciously make your strategic decisions.



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